An affiliate program is a marketing system that allows companies to promote their products and services by using affiliates to provide them with leads and customers. Companies offer affiliates a commission in exchange for their promotional work. In the cannabis industry, affiliate programs are a great way for sellers of weed, pot, marijuana and other cannabis products to increase their sales and visibility on the Internet.

Affiliates can promote these products via blogs, websites, social networks or any other digital channel to attract potential customers to the merchant sites. In return, they receive a commission for each customer they generate.

Commission of : 10 to 15% lifetime

Cookie: 180 days

Source: SEA, SEA, Mailing, Social networks ...

Company: located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, headquartered in the USA. Approved by the Thai government 

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Is cannabis legal in Thailand?

Yes since 2022

Cannabis is a legal substance in Thailandas well as weed, pot and marijuana since 2022. It is not CBD like in Europe. It is about local cannabis or providing USA or the Canada with high percentage of THC. However, there are exceptions in some cases. Indeed, the Thai authorities have recently decided to legalize certain varieties of cannabis for medicinal or industrial purposes. Personal consumption and possession of small amounts of cannabis is now legal in Thailand, but can result in fines and imprisonment if you do not follow the rules. It is therefore important for anyone traveling to Thailand to be aware of the local cannabis laws to avoid any problems with the local authorities.

What is the percentage of compensation for affiliates?

10 to 15 %

The affiliate program for cannabis, weed, pot or marijuana products offers affiliates a very interesting compensation. In fact, the percentage of affiliate compensation is very high and can reach 10 to 15 % of sales made through their promotion. Thus, each affiliate can earn a substantial commission based on the number of customers they manage to attract. This commission allows affiliates to earn considerably while contributing to the growth of the companies that distribute these products.

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Are commissions for life?

The answer is yes!

Once an affiliate has generated a sufficient number of sales, the amount of commissions can be maintained for all associated products and remain active for life. For example, if an online cannabis business offers affiliate commissions to resellers, these same commissions will be paid for sales of weed, pot and marijuana. These commissions are therefore for life.

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How long does the cookie last?

180 days

The affiliate program cookie is a technology that tracks and records the actions of customers and visitors to a website. It has a limited lifespan, generally from 30 days to 90 days depending on the type of product being marketed. In our case it is a 180 day cookie. For the implementation of an affiliate program focused on cannabis, weed, pot or marijuana, this period can be longer than for other types of products. This allows affiliates to earn commissions on sales made through their links even if they are made after the cookie ends.

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Can affiliates be foreigners?

Yes from all countries of the world

Affiliates can indeed be foreign. An affiliate program knows no boundaries and affiliates can come from all over the world, regardless of the country they reside in. In reality, these programs are open to anyone who wants to promote cannabis, weed, pot and marijuana related products. This means that affiliates can be located anywhere in the world and earn commissions on the sales they generate for the affiliate business.

What are the authorized traffic sources?

All sources: SEO, SEA, Mail, Social Networks ...

Authorized traffic sources for an affiliate program may include websites, blogs, social networks, paid ads and email marketing. Keywords associated with cannabis, weed, pot and marijuana are allowed for traffic generated by the affiliate. Affiliates can use these keywords on their websites or social networks to promote their cannabis-related products and services. Additionally, they can create paid ads that specifically target cannabis consumers and run email marketing campaigns to promote their cannabis-related products and services.

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Are there any banners or advertising tools offered?

Yes many banners on affiliate platform

An affiliate program is a great way to promote your cannabis, weed, pot and marijuana store. Banners and advertising tools are essential elements to generate traffic and attract potential customers to your site. They allow affiliates to easily embed links and banners on their websites and blogs to promote your product. Advertising tools such as banners, buttons and text links can help increase your brand's visibility to your target customers. In addition, affiliate programs offer a variety of tools to measure the success of your advertising, including click-through tracking, conversion analysis and return on investment (ROI) reporting.

Does the site have many products?

Yes, and the quantity is steadily increasing

The site has a wide variety of products for the cannabis consumer. It offers weed, pot and marijuana varieties, both fresh and dried. The products are of high quality and include popular varieties as well as rarer ones. In addition, there is a wide range of related products such as vaporizers, bongs and pipes. The products are delivered in a discreet and environmentally friendly packaging. Prices are very competitive and customer service is excellent. With so many options available, there is something for every taste and budget. The site offers a wide range of cannabis flower (hemp) sativa and indica. but also oil. You can find varieties with a high level of CBD or THC.

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Do you need a lot of visitors on your website or social networks to be accepted in the program?

No you can start with few visitors

The affiliate program is a great way to monetize your site or your page on social networks. However, you should not neglect the number of visitors you receive, as this can play an important role in whether or not you are accepted into the program. If you want to sell cannabis, weed, pot or marijuana related products, advertisers will most likely require a certain number of visitors to be accepted. Realistically, the more visitors you have visiting your site and interacting with your content, the greater your chances of being accepted by the affiliate program. Your traffic must also be relevant and targeted so that advertisers can see the sales potential associated with your website or page.

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What are the criteria to qualify for the cannabis affiliate program in Thailand?

It's for everyone, whether you have a business or are an individual

The Cannabis Affiliate Program in Thailand is open to adults over the age of 21 who wish to be paid to promote cannabis, weed, pot and marijuana related products. Applicants must also present demonstrable knowledge of cannabis products, including information on the different strains and how they can be used. Relevant work experience would be a huge plus. Finally, candidates will need to demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with potential customers using a variety of means, such as email, social media and websites.

In what currency are payments made to affiliates?

In all currencies, euro, dollar ...

Payments for affiliates are primarily made in fiat currency. However, with the increase in popularity of cannabis, weed, pot and marijuana products, some affiliate programs are starting to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The advantages of crypto currencies for affiliates are numerous: they offer greater transparency and control of funds, as well as increased security against the risk of fraud and the ability to make instant transactions. However, you can be paid in euros or dollars or in the currency of your country or of your choice.

How soon can I start? How quickly will my account be validated?

Yes, in a few hours.

Our team will validate your account within minutes or hours of your registration.

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